Ultimate guide when sending fax from gmail

With the Gmail account, you can enjoy thousands of free services on the internet. Some of these services include calendars, maps, excel spreadsheet, and cloud-based word processor just but to mention a few. By making use of the available faxing methods, you can send a fax through your Gmail account just like you send the ordinary mail. The process of sending fax via Gmail is familiar and simple like sending someone an email. Talk to for the best faxing services. Let us explore the ultimate guide when sending an individual fax from Gmail.

Ultimate guide

Online fax provider


You should first choose an online fax provider when you want to fax through Gmail. This is because Gmail does not have a faxing feature. Securing an online faxing provider will, therefore, be an ideal step if you want to fax via the Gmail platform. If you do not have the cash to pay for the premium services, you can choose the free online faxing services. Once you have secured the faxing platform, you can go ahead and incorporate the Gmail service.

Gmail and faxing

One of the commonly asked questions is how Gmail and faxing can be brought together. The process of linking Gmail and faxing is thankfully simple and does not need any technical advice. If you are regular Gmail user, you can easily connect the two by yourself. When sending a fax message, instead of entering the email address of the recipient you will send the fax number of the recipient. Secondly, instead of typing the message as the body of your email, you will attach the fax as a document to the email address. Let us look at the step by step method of sending a fax from Gmail.

Compose the new email

Firstly, log into your Gmail account and press on the compose button. A window whereby you can type and attach the message will pop up.

Information of the recipient

Secondly, after the windows pops up enter the recipient information on the “to” field. Since Gmail does not recognize the fax number, you will need an online faxing service. Your online fax service provider will provide you with a domain name which you will use. The steps differ from one user to another.



To send the fax, your content must be expressed in a document. It might be an image or even excel files. Click on the paperclip to attach the clip and upload the data that is stored on your computer. After you are done with this, you can send your fax message.