Electric Skateboard Buyer’s Guide – Things To Look

It appears that every month there is a new electric skateboard that gets into the market. In this post, you get an insight to know what to look for in an off road motorized skateboard. The following are some of the things to look for:

Things to look for in an electric skateboard


Nowadays, aesthetics are becoming useful aspects of a623ed5t3e6y27u282i92n electric skateboard market. In fact, customers what devices that look good and appear similar to the typical skateboards. You should note that electric models have shaped design to accommodate batteries. ThisĀ gives it unnatural appearance on the bottom side. Fortunately, new technologies have made it possible to use slim battery packs, which blend well with traditional profile.

In the past, electric skateboards come with lead acid batteries. This is because they were relatively cheap and readily available. Nowadays, lithium batteries are commonly used. The good thing with lithium is that it offers several advantages over the lead acid. The main benefit is that it is lightweight.


This is a critical part of the electric skateboard. Several skateboards use brushed motors that are easy for simple electronics. Fortunately, the new boards you can find on the market consist of brushless motors. These types of motors have a various advantage as compared to the brushed motors. For instance, they do not have brushes. Thus, they are durable as there are no any wear components. Moreover, they have high efficiency, which is over 90%. Also, they run quietly as brushed motors. This explains why they a great riding experience.

Motor power

This is another useful aspect you need to consider when looking for the electric skateboards. You can find models from 100 watts to 800 watts. If you are skateboarding on flat terrains, you should go for a low motor power. On the other hand, if you want to accelerate quickly and move up the mountains, then you need high power motor.


This is a thnjm2wed6ywedy27u2i292op parameter you should take into account as far as electric skateboards are concerned. Some models offer 6 miles to 20 miles per charge. You should note that there is a connection between weight and range.

Top speeds

You should be aware that speeds vary among electric skateboards currently on the market. The speed ranges from 12 mph to 25 mph. All of these have a single gear ratio. This has an effect when it comes to climbing the hills and mountains.