Campad electronics accessory specialists


To take a business on the staircase of success, the prior things to take along are your customers. Customer service and customer feedback are always essential. Campad Electronics always has taken pride in providing the best customer service, on-time delivery, fast communication, and high-quality products. It is a registered electronics company with the headquarters located in Australia and has been operating there for over 35 years.

The top retails of this company are mobile covers and cases and tablet accessories. They believe that they have excelled and grown their business because they have acted upon all the feedback their valued customers have given them, and they dedicate their success stories to their customers. They are still learning with the real world expertise and experience and because of daily advancements in technologies.

Main products

The products they deal mostly in are mobile accessories. They cover almost all the accessories from all the
renowned brands of mobile starting from their chargers, phone cases and covers at very affordable and economical rates for all of their customers which are spread worldwide.

You can visit their website and browse their vast variety of all the range present there. They have always claimed that they provide the amazing customer service and one won’t regret shopping from their website.

Other than this, 3G and 4G services are also provided for your mobile networks in the form of mobile antennas for both broadband and phone needs. Other than this, marine antenna solutions are also provided for 3G and 4G mobile networks. They include home and office antennas and antennas for car cradles and kits.

Other accessories

In case you have lost a mobile charger, Campad electronics also got that covered for you. It has chargers for all mobiles and other than that the perfect solutions if you want to charge more than one device at a time. All of them are Australian approved, as claimed by the company. Other than that, the iPhone and iPad charges have been MFI certified and one can rely on them and their compatibility. They have allowed the customers to reach them out through the email in case of any queries or if they are unable to find any of the product.

When it comes down to mobile cases and covers, they have a wide range that can suit any of the customer’s needs.
Customers are mostly in search of a compatible cover or cases for their mobile phone that is strong and tough, doesn’t break easily or isn’t that fragile. Apart from this, they also have waterproof mobile cases to protect the phone, so one can check their store out if he requires any of the above mentioned mobile cases.

Bluetooth accessories can also be found on Campad Electronics store. They include the personal headsets,
Bluetooth car music speakers and car kits. So precisely, one can browse easily in their store and most likely succeed in finding the most appropriate device for him.

Orders are open for both personal and professional use. You can also buy one piece from their store or even buy a
product in bulk. For professional and office use, it is always advised to contact them for the best advice for order and delivery purposes.


They have the products from the brands like Apple, Blackberry, Google, HTC, Huawei, Doro, LG, Motorola, Nokia,
Oppo, Samsung, Sony, and ZTE.

So have a look on their website or store and find the perfect product for you that suits all your needs and wants.


Choosing Right Case For Samsung Galaxy Smartphone

A lot of people believe the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is tablet or phablet, instead of a smartphone. This is attributed to its large size. In fact, it does not fit easily into pockets and pants. You need portable protection for your mobile device. This is where a samsung galaxy case comes to your rescue. You need a high-quality protective case, which can save users from the need of replacing their mobile phones in the event of accidents. Nowadays, there are several cases, which are available for this phone. Moreover, every case offers great benefits and features.

Benefits of smartphone case

This phone features a slim body, which is designed to be quite comfortable for users to hold on his or her hand. Yogbt6t254a55t72uy6at52u will also enjoy the high-definition display and increased visibility. Although the smartphone was designed with usability and durability in mind, you can opt to have a case to cover your device. This is necessary to prevent common forms of tear and wear. When selecting the type of case, which is great for you, you need to consider various features.

Some of the special features you need to include water resistant casing to protect your phone against damage and shock-resistant edges to offer protection against drops. Also, you may need to take into account flip fronts, which protect the front screen from becoming dirt.

A good case is one that improves overall feel and look of the smartphone. There are several colors, designs, and styles you can choose from. You will find it easy for the phone owners to match the phone with their personality and style.

Types of Smartphone cases

When a user selects a case for his or her Samsung Galaxy Note, you need to know various kinds of cases, which are out there and what they bring to the table. There is a broad range of functional benefits and styles. No single size fits all.

Hard shell flip and leather cases

These are dhb52t6ay4d24ra6y27esigned for extra protection to guard the phone’s screen against damage. Usually, flip cases are available in hard-shell and leather cases. The cover is hard to prevent against bumps and drops. Scratch-resistant covers keep the case looking great as it serves its purpose. The types of covers add some weight to the phone. Also, they allow easy access to the ports and buttons.

On the other hand, leather flip cases deliver lightweight protection. Thus, if you are looking for a professional and stylish case design, you need to consider this one.


Things to Consider Before Buying LED Ceiling Lights

The craze about LED ceiling lights is increasing multi-fold mainly due to the bright light and energy efficiency they possess. If you want to learn more about these lights, then you can definitely make a thorough online research so that you can reach the potential resources regarding the same

Things To Consider

The first thing is the type of function you want your Lichtdecke LED to perform. There are three functions such lighting can perform these are the task, accent, and ambiance.

The Task

When it comes to task lighting, this is designed to provide sufficient 56f7tglight to a particular area where a task like reading a book or preparing food is carried out. As for accent lighting, this is purely there for decorative purposes and will be installed to help say, enhance a certain feature or item within a room. As for ambient lighting, you would be using this to provide soft lighting in a room to help complement certain activities carried out in that room such as watching TV or when entertaining guests.

The Positioning

Once you know what function you want your LED ceiling light to perform you now, need to decide where the light is going to be positioned. Most people tend to position such lights in the center of a room. However, if you want to avoid too much glare in a certain room then placing it off towards the side would be a great idea.


After selecting the position, of course, you need to look at how high the ceilings are in the room. If they aren’t that high then make sure that the ceiling lights you choose are ones that don’t hang too low, so reducing the risk of someone hitting their heads against them. If you have high ceilings, let the bulbs stay a bit low to give you an easy time during bulb changing.


6rft7g8yhuWhen installing any kind of LED ceiling light, be aware that the level of light remains the same. If you would like to be able to control how much light is released so you can create a different kind of feel to a room, then why not install a dimmer switch. Once installed, a dimmer switch will allow you to choose quickly and easily how much light is emitted. This type of equipment is ideal to use in bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms.

Of course, the other thing you have to consider when thinking about installing new LED ceiling lights in any room in your home is what kind of furniture you have in that room. It is vital you ensure the LED ceiling light that you choose for that room complements the rest of the furniture within it. You can still opt to fit a chandelier, as now there is not only very ornate style ones but very modern and simple ones as well.


The Common iPhone Repair Problems

Are you searching for the best iPhone repairs outlet? It is a fact; you may have paid a substantial amount of money to get this type of smartphone. Moreover, it is very important to your life. It is your duty to ensure this phone is in good working condition. Unfortunately, problems do occur from time to time. If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot use your gadget, you are likely to have problems with your official or personal productivity. To avoid such frustration, you need to look for a reputable iPhone Repair shop. It is always advisable to work only with professionals.

Common Problems

Cracked screenlmnb35te7y25t7u82

Your iPhone is fitted with a screen that is made of special glass, which is hard to crack. However, you can succeed in breaking it if you drop it down too often. You will be unable to use the phone since it has only a single button off screen.

Water damage

This is a common problem you will come across. You will hear that the phone was dropped in a toilet, swimming pool, or in the bath. When water gets entry past the case, there is a chance that this device will not work as required.

Battery replacement or repair

If the battery of your phone is not working as required, you cannot achieve the best performance out of your gadget. Thus, your mobility will be affected if you cannot use your iPhone at any given location.

Home button failing to work

You should note that the home button is an imperative one. However, with time, it begins to stick due to regular use. Thus, it becomes quite difficult to control your phone until the button gets repaired.

Dock connector

Sometimes the dock connector can fail to work. This means that you will be unablmnb35tr36yerfu8i89le to charge the gadget’s battery after it gets discharged.

The iPhone remains one of the sophisticated electronic devices, which have issues from time to time. Therefore, you need a reputable iPhone repair and servicing center, which can take care of these issues with a great deal of ease. It is your role to find such good outlet as soon as you purchase your iPhone. You should note that repairs ought to be done by experienced. As much as iPhone is the best smartphone out there, it is bound to encounter some few problems.

The Latest Drones You Can Buy

There is no doubt that everyone nowadays wants to become a drone pilot, so they fly with the rest of the world. Sellers and online stores expect that the number of people who’ll flock shops and online stores in this shopping season is going to be higher than ever before. Will you be one of them? If yes, what are the latest drones you can buy? Well, if you are looking forward to buying a drone and do not know where to start, here are five latest drones you can buy:

The Best Drones on the Market

#1. Phantom 3yj65y4

With great features and video quality, phantom 3 is one of the best drones out there in the market. It has a unique functionality, and only a few other drones have this great and awesome feature. Also, Phantom three comes in three models but all have almost the same characteristics safe for a few minor differences. I would comfortably recommend this amazing drone to anyone.

#2. DJI Inspire 1

If you see this beautiful drone in person, you’ll immediately get out to buy one. With a great design as though it came directly from a SyFy movie, this drone is a wow professional ready to fly model that everyone should by all, means buy one. It’s the best for professional video use as it produces high quality and superior images.

#3. The 3DR Solo Drone

Extremely functional but an easy to use type. Most of its features are similar to those of Phantom three. However, instead of using the built-in camera, this one makes use of GoPro Hero 4 meaning that you can take it off the drone and use it elsewhere for whatever you want to do with this awesome camera. So if you want sometimes to take photos personally without using the drone, this is the type to buy.

#4. Hubsan X4

Hubsan X4 is a personally favorite type that’s best for anyone intending to fly a drone as a beginner. You’ll find four different versions of this, but all are just one and the same nice drone. It’s pretty fast, and you can maneuver as you deem fit. It’s six LED lights are just wow as you can turn them ON and OFF with the controller.

j6h543s#5. Parrot Bebop

Parrot Bebop is a technologically advanced type right now in the market. It’s a smaller, faster and smarter type than many others. Though it’s a little bit expensive, this is a good drone to invest your money. It has lots of improvements, and you can comfortably control with your Android or iPhone device.

Still asking what are the latest drones you can buy? I believe you’re not. These are of course not the only best types out there. Many others are there, but these are the best ones that should top your list when you get out to buy one. Safety and care are important once you start flying high with drones.